Any grass or plants you spray with this WILL die so be mindful of where you spray. Enjoy not having to pick out every weed ever again! I just leave this in a spray bottle up high in the garage for whenever I see one popping up. It’s the best weed killer spray I’ve found for thistle weeds too.

DIY 3 Ingredient Weed Killer


  • 1 gallon white
  • 2 cups epsom salt or table salt
  • ¼ cup dawn dishwashing soap


  • Pour the vinegar, dishsoap, and epsom salt into a spray bottle. Shake up until combined.
  • Let settle for 2 minutes then spray the weeds! Make sure you soak the entire weed with the formula.
  • Let sit for a day then come back and see them dead!


NOTE: Make sure you spray in the afternoon when the weeds are not damp from dew.