Any intuitive dog owner can attest to the fact that one of the most beautiful gifts dogs have to offer us is their unconditional love. A dog will always be happy to see you, cuddle you, play — whatever it may be! Dogs will love you because they are loyal and because you are their master and caretaker. For this, they are eternally grateful and brimming with unfiltered love for you — which lends itself to the title of “man’s best friend”. Do you know how to tell your dog you love them in their own language? ollie dog food

So, how do we show our fellow canine companions that we love them back in their own language? This is an interesting question because we may oftentimes think we’re giving back in all the right ways, however, some things we do aren’t exactly the right things to do. For example, many dog owners like to share their meal or snack with their dog — we’re naturally inclined to do so because to other humans — this is a way to show you love and care. However, in a dog’s world, this is not so much the case, not to mention it can be unhealthy for your dog’s health and overall obedience.

Dogs respond to your gestures and body language in a way that you may not be aware of, so, we’ve provided you with six easy techniques that will help you tell your dog you love him or her in dog language. Give these a try and you may be pleasantly surprised at how much of a deeper connection you will feel with your dog almost instantaneously.  A dog’s love is forever.

Ear Rubs Make Your Dog High On Love

Rubbing a dog’s ear will immediately put him on cloud nine. Dog’s ears are a hot spot for nerve endings and when activated, those nerves send messages all throughout the dog’s body while releasing endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural happy drug. A gentle, circular massage with two fingers (one behind the tip of the ear and one inside the ear at the tip) will do the trick. Fido will definitely be feeling the love!

Just Tell Them You Love Them

A recent study published in Science found that dogs do, in fact, understand some human speech. Dogs were studied in an MRI scanner that showed that they experienced the most happiness when they heard not just a praising tone, but words of praise, as well. This suggests that they don’t just listen to our tone of voice, but they interpret meaning from words, too. So sometimes just telling your dog how you feel is a great way to express your love.

Training and positive reinforcement

An excellent way to communicate your love is through positive reinforcement. Dogs thrive off of structure and learning. Training will let present your dog with their favorite forms of motivation, whether that’s food, praise, or play, and your dog will come to see you as a provider of the things he loves the most. He’ll see that when he works with you, he’s making you happy, and your rewards will make him happy in return. When you both work to make each other happy, you’re both showing your love for each other.

Read to your dog

Do you read to your kids at bedtime? Have Fido join you. Even if you don’t have kids, your dog will thoroughly enjoy being read to. Get down on the floor and take out a good book or maybe even a short story. Try being animated with your eyes and soothing in tone. Make this a nighttime ritual you both will enjoy!

Give a human touch

Your dog craves your attention and even just a few minutes of back massage, belly rubs, and ear scratches go a long way. Speak to him in quiet, soothing tones. Tell him he’s a good boy. Give him a safe and healthy treat that’s made just for dogs. Treat him like he’s part of your family because he would do anything for you, no questions asked.

Engage in deep conversations

t might sound silly at first, but your dog probably wouldn’t mind if you talked to him more often. Feel free to tell your dog about your day, rehearse your business presentation with them as your audience, or talk about whatever else is on your mind. You might question how much of what you say is actually sinking in, but studies have indicated that the average dog can understand about 165 words, and even more if you work with them enough.

Bonus: the benefits of talking to your dog aren’t entirely one-sided. Previous studies have shown that talking to and petting dogs can contribute to lower blood pressure in humans.