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Banana Peel Fertilizers for the Garden

As anyone who has watched “Back to the Future” a million+ times knows, banana peels make terrific fuel. But even better than adding them to the Mr. Fusion unit on your time traveling DeLorean, you can add them as fuel for your garden. That’s right, compost those slimy banana peels and make your little green friends …


7 Uses For Coffee Grounds On Plants In The Garden

What to do with Coffee grounds? Put coffee grounds in the garden? Does adding used grounds from your morning coffee to your garden soil help or hurt? Have you noticed, down at your favorite coffee house, bags of used coffee (Starbucks has them)? Have you tried putting coffee grounds in compost? How about using coffee grounds on …


The One Tree That Every Homesteader Should Plant

Trees are a homesteader’s best friend. They provide shelter from the sun, wind, and rain, as well as protection from intruders. They often have medicinal properties or produce food—or both. Firewood is yet another benefit, and it’s essential for homesteaders who are off the grid. Most homesteaders who purchase a property find themselves wishing that the previous …


10 Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away

As much as we love summer, it does have annoying mosquitos. I am sharing 10 Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away! Help repel mosquitos by filling your garden with as many plants that keep mosquitos away and hopefully, you’ll have a mosquito-free yard! 10 Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away Many of the 10 plants to keep mosquitos …