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10 Awesome Uses Of White Vinegar In The Garden (With Recipes)

The desire to move away from toxic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers is gaining popularity as health awareness is on the rise. Growing your own food organically is the alternative, but the tricky pest problem remains, fortunately, vinegar is a great alternative to these artificial toxins! Vinegar can simultaneously enhance the life of a plant and …


15 Houseplants That Need Zero Sunlight

Whether you are living in a studio apartment with couple windows or in a house with few darker rooms, here are 15 best houseplants that need zero sunlight for healthy growth. Even though some of them do well in medium light, they are just fine in low light too. If you are ready to add those plants to your space …

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Willow bark has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever.  It contains salicin, which was later synthesized and is the active ingredient in aspirin.  It’s reputed to relieve pain without the stomach upset chemical aspirin causes, and it’s easier on the liver too. All willow species contain some amount of salicin, so it’s …


These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Can Clean The Air At Your Home

We are at an increased risk of various allergies and illnesses due to air pollution in our homes. The most common contaminants of our homes include carpets, pain, foam insulation materials, glues and adhesives, household cleaners, and pressed-wood products. According to  Eartheasy: “The indoor pollutants that affect health are formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (benzene and trichloroethylene or …


How to Grow an Endless Supply of Lavender Indoors to Relieve Headaches, Stress, and Anxiety at Home

Breathe deeply…can you conjure up the scent? Heady isn’t it? You should have English Lavender in your garden. Today I am going to tell you all you need to know about growing thriving English Lavender plants. All lavenders are perennial Mediterranean plants.  As such, they like full sun, great drainage, good air circulation, and once established, is drought tolerant. English Lavender was introduced to Britain by …