Juices are one of the delicious and effective detoxes which help your body to release toxins and in weight loss also. Why we call them healthy because the liquid diets are best for quick weight loss as we can add any kind of fruit and vegetable which promote weight loss into the juicer to get maximum benefits moreover we get the delicious flavor. Juices are the best way to consume proper nutrition for your body because which detox diet plan we can get balanced and enough nutrition for your body. So liquid diet meal plan is the best for quick weight loss.

How to Make a Perfect Detox Juice

Making a perfect detox juice at home is not very hard. You just need to pick the right vegetables and fruits to make the juice. I am going to mention the fruits and vegetables that are best for making detox juice that will promote weight loss.

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Cucumber
  • Apples
  • Kale
  • Beetroots
  • Parsley
  • Bottle Gourd
  • Ginger
  • Celery

How to Start a Liquid Diet

Now the question is, When and how to start a liquid diet. Well, our body does need detoxification once in a week or two for a healthy body and glowing skin. So, you can go for this diet once in a week or two. And if you just have come back from a vacation or have attended parties back to back or event, you can go for a 2-week liquid diet for weight loss. If you want to know what is the 2-week liquid diet for weight loss, then keep on reading.

Homemade liquid for weight loss

2-week liquid diet for weight loss is a homemade liquid diet which you can do twice or thrice in a week for two weeks to cleanse your system completely. Why we don’t recommend it for complete 2-weeks because it is very low in calories and doing it regularly for two weeks is not healthy at all and could be harmful to your body. And one more thing, with a detox diet you lose muscles because you limit and restrict your diet to a minimum. So, there is a lot of muscles loss if you overdo it. And the liquid diet to lose weight loss could be the most harmful one if you overdo it because this diet is lowest in calories.

Below we are going to mention a few best and easy liquid diet recipes in your 2-week liquid diet for weight loss to target your goal.

1. Green Detox Juice

This green detox juice would be the best choice for you. Because we are going to make it with green vegetables and fruits to make it effective and full of nutrition.


For this juice,

  • Take a cup of spinach, a whole cucumber, a green apple, one-inch ginger,2 kale, Handful of parsley, and half a bottle ground.
  • Wash them and juice them in the juicer.
  • Now add in the lemon juice o the juice and its ready.

This juice will not only help you to get rid of all the toxins but boost your metabolism and promote weight loss. And it will give a flat belly as well.

2. Red Detox Juice

This red detox juice is the best detoxifier. It will not only cleanse your system and promote weight loss but will give you younger-looking glowing skin.


  • Take 2 large beetroots, 4-5 carrots, 2 small red apples, and one-inch ginger.
  • Wash them all, cut them and make the juice in the juicer. 
  • Add in the lemon juice and have it.

This juice will give you instant freshness on your skin and cleanse your system very well.

3. Orange Detox Juice

This orange juice is full of vitamin C and minerals to cleanse your body, burn that extra fat and give you that fair and glowing skin.


  • Take 3-4 oranges, 2-3 kale, 2 orange carrots, and one ginger.
  • Wash and cut them all and make a juice.
  • Squeeze a lemon juice and enjoy.

This juice will only boost your metabolism, cleanse your system, aid in weight loss but give you flawless skin. So, this juice will be the perfect option for you.


All three recipes we have mentioned will be the perfect ones to give maximum benefits. These juices will not only help you in weight loss but will hydrate you so well and make you so fresh and energetic. You can make juices of your own choice from the right vegetables and fruits but the recipes we have fits best in the 2-week liquid diet for weight loss. I hope you get the best results. Good luck!