Need something that will burn your fat away and boost your metabolism at the same time? Losing weight and still maintaining enough energy to go through the day is totally possible. The secret is to utilize a plant-based diet. Basic meals combined with vegetables and fruits that rich in nutrition are the healthy way to reach your goal weight.

This special fat burning smoothie might just be a perfect addition into your weight lost regime. When consumed daily, it will help to speed up the process of diet through your workout and escalate the result naturally.

Lose 40 Pounds In Just 1 Month With This Biggest Fat Burn Recipe!


  • ½ small avocado or ¼ large avocado
  • ½ large grapefruit
  • ½ cup green tea, brewed and cooled
  • 1 stalk medium celery, sliced or chopped
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1 cup spinach or baby spinach
  • 2 tbsp mint leaves
  • (optional) dash of cayenne pepper, grounded

Making Instructions:

  1. Grapefruit with pith and peel is extremely bitter but beneficial in terms of nutrition. Peel the fruit if you want to lessen the bitter taste by removing the inner membrane.
  2. Put the spinach, celery, green tea, and mint leaves ingredients first into your blender.
  3. Turn the blender on and wait until the mix becomes smooth.
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients, grapefruit, avocado, celery, pineapple, spinach, and cayenne pepper if you use it.
  5. Blend them again.
  6. Put in the refrigerator first if you want to serve it chilled.

The ingredients of recipe above are all beneficial for fat burning purpose. For example, avocado has fiber, vitamins, and healthy fats. Spinach and other greens like celery is rich in minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Grapefruit is another nutrition-packed material that has good amounts of phytochemicals, which helps your body to break the fats down.