Did you know that you can feel an instant pain relief in other parts of the body by pressing certain points within the borders of the palm, due to the fact that there is a connection between these points and those causing pain.

he only thing you need to do is to press a certain point for 5 seconds and take slow, deep breaths.


Base of the Thumb

You can solve your cough issues, respiratory distress, and also improve the function of your thyroid by pressing this point.


The thumb can regulate depression, anxiety, the spleen, and the stomach. So, if you are having a stomachache, headaches, skin problems or you are just feeling emotionally stressed, just press your thumb.

Index Finger

This point can help if you are having problems with your kidneys and bladder. If you are experiencing fear, confusion, or disappointment, this point can help you to manage it. Also, you can eliminate muscle and back pains, heartburn, and toothaches.

Middle Finger

This point can help in the regulation of the liver and the gall bladder.  If you are feeling indecisive or irritable, you can improve your mood by pressing this point. Also, it is very helpful for improving your blood circulation and vision, and relieving migraines and menstrual cramps pain.

Ring Finger

You can stimulate the function of your lung and colon by pressing this point. You will get rid of negativity and rejection. If you are having digestive problems, or you are suffering from respiratory problems or skin conditions, pressing this point can help you in solving these problems.

Pinky Finger

This point helps in the regulation of small intestine and heart. Pressing this point can help you with heart problems, bloating, throat pain, and issues with bones.

Also, if you are feeling worried, insecure, or nervous, it can improve your confidence.

Exterior of Palm

This point can help you with the regulation of the sugar levels, and appendix issues.

Center of Palm

Pressing this point will help you to reduce digestive stress or abdominal pain.

Fleshy Part of Palm

This point is responsible for the endocrine and heart function. It will balance out the hormones and help you in the regulation of heart problems.

Source: www.positivemed.com