In case the muscles of the feet weaken, they can cause hip, knee, and back pain. People who are physically inactive do not stretch their feet enough, which might lead to weak and shortened muscles.

Stretching exercises are highly beneficial as they boost strength, flexibility, and wellness in the body.

Here are several benefits offered by stretching:

  • Improved circulation (The improved blood flow will nourish the muscles, support the recovery of muscles and joints, and eliminate waste byproducts from your muscles. )
  • Improved flexibility ( the muscles shorten and tighten over the years, which slows the movements and makes one prone to injuries and muscle and ligaments sprain. Therefore, stretching boosts flexibility and this strengthens the body. )
  • Strengthens the bones (Stretching boosts flexibility, that leads to stronger muscles, that in turn, strengthen the bones.)
  • Improved body posture (Tight muscles lead to poor posture, and by improving it, you will relieve the pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. )
  • Treats back pain ( Stretching the muscles will lower the stress on the spine and thus soothe the aches)
  • Improved coordination and balance( This will lower the risk of falling and injuring)
  • Supports the health of the heart (Regular stretching boosts the function of arteries and lowers blood pressure)
  • Reduces stress and relaxes (Stretching relaxes the tense muscles, relieves the tension, and reduces stress.)
  • Boosts energy levels ( Since it boosts blood circulation and reduces stress, stretching boosts your energy levels.

To relieve the pain, you should stretch the feet every morning. This will also improve your body posture, mobility, and balance.

These are the five most effective exercises that will help you stretch the feet and relieve pain in the body:

  1. Tibialis Anterior

This exercise will realign the legs and hips and strengthen the muscles in the feet.

Sitting on the ground, with the left knee bend, and the right leg straight, wrap an exercise band around a chair. Place the other end of the band on the top of your right foot, while the left foot remains under it.

Then, bring the toes towards the head, and hold. Make 10 repetitions, and switch the legs.

  1. Toe Walking

Toe walking strengthens the toe muscles, the muscles around the balls of the feet, and the ligaments. You should start by walking forward for 20 seconds while standing on the tiptoes, with the feet straight.

Walk for 20 more seconds with the toes outwards, and 20 seconds with the feet turned inwards. Make a 10-second break, and repeat 4 times.

  1. Curl Your Toes

This exercise will help you boost muscle strength and the dexterity of the feet.

Sit on a chair, put a towel on the ground, place the feet on it, and crumple the towel with the toes. Repeat 5-10 times to boost blood flow. Next, place the feet on the towel, take it with the right foot, and hold for 10 seconds. Do the same with the left foot, and make 5 repetitions.

  1. Heel Raises

Heel raises will help you strengthen the toes and improve body balance, by aligning the tendons in the calves and adjusting the ankle joints.

Place a chair in front of you. Raise the left leg, while standing straight, and bend the knee of the right leg a bit. Lift and lower the right heel, with the foot being aligned with the leg. Repeat 10 times, and then switch legs.

  1. Ankle Circles

Tight ankles cause hip, back, and knee pain, so this exercise will help you to boost the flexibility and mobility of the ankles.

Lie on the back, bend the knees and keep them flat on the floor. Bring the right knee near the chest, hug it, and start doing circles with the right ankle.

Then, point the toes to reach a twelve o’clock position, and outwards to reach six o’clock. Make 5-10 circles in one direction, repeat once more in the opposite direction, and then do this once again with the left ankle. Repeat in 5 sets.

Performing these simple exercises won’t take more than 20 minutes daily. Repeat them 2-3- times a week, and you will soon experience significant improvements.