While I have spent the majority of the article talking about EASY Tips for growing Avocado there are also certain items you should not be doing.

If you want to make sure your trees stay healthy, continue to grows, and bears as much fruit as possible then make sure not to do the following:

  • Leave your tree in the cold.
    • If it is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit then bring your tree inside. Avocado trees can die if spent even one night in temperatures that are freezing.
  • Leave your new tree in direct sunlight
    • If you have a tree that is 2 to 3 years old do not leave it in direct sunlight. This can burn the stems and leaves. This will stunt growth and limit fruit.
  • Leave your tree in the darkness
    • Just like too much sun is not good, too much darkness is bad. If you have your tree in the house make sure to keep it by a window. Worse case hang a grow light above it.
  • Let your branches hang below the base of the tree
    • If your branches hang below the base of the tree there is a good chance they will snap in windy weather. If fruit grows on them they will also snap. Make sure to tie long branches to a stake or the trunk of the tree
  • Keep it by other diseased plants
    • This one is easy. If other trees or plants become diseased, then move your Avocado tree. These type of trees are not the most disease resistant.
  • Use Garden Soil
    • Don’t use garden soil. It doesn’t drain well and can cause mold and root rot.
  • Overwater it
    • If your soil is still wet then don’t water it. Too much water can also cause mold and root rot.
  • Plant it in the ground
    • Even if you are tempted I recommend not planting your tree in the ground. There are better avocado variations that can be planted in the ground.
  • Make it too heavy
    • If you have your avocado in a pot you will most likely need to move it inside during the winter. Don’t fill it with too much soil or water before moving it.
  • Over-Fertilize it
    • Fertilize your trees once a year. I also would wait until about year 2 or 3 before fertilizing. This will prevent any potential damage.


As we have already talked about, growing avocados in pots are easy, cheap, and can be done quickly.

To ensure the most success, make sure you follow these tips:

  1. Buy a Little Cado – This is the only true cold hardy and dwarf tree
  2. Use a wood or plastic pot – This is the most cost-effective and easy pots to use.
  3. Immediately transplant into a new pot
  4. Fertilize and water your tree as soon as you plant it.
  5. Too much sunlight is not good for young trees
  6. Water your tree in the morning or late evenings
  7. Fertilize your tree only when there is no fruit or flowers (typically early spring).
  8. Become a pruning expert. This will help with tree growth and more fruit
  9. Repot your tree every other year. This will allow it to continue to mature and produce more fruit
  10. Harvest your fruit only when you notice the skin slightly changing colors. Look for browns specks.