You can successfully cultivate dinner-table vegetables in containers, but there are some that will be a lot more productive than others.

For example the cucumber or tomato is often an all star winner when it comes to size and production; while other veggies might only thrive if you give them extra support with trellises or stakes so they grow well up off of ground level where air circulation is better!

These are our top 10 of the most productive vegetables to grow in pots:

1. Cucumbers

2. Beans

Beanstalks are a type of climbing bean that grow upward with little to no support.

They also produce well when grown in pots and can be started near trellises or balconies, where within weeks you will have an “overhanging green wall” covered in beans busily spreading across them!

A sunny place and a pot that is at least 12 inches deep are two things you will need for growing beans.

Beans fix the nitrogen, so most vegetables with high demands of this element should be planted beneath them if possible; however kale or summer savory can also grow along side an abundance of Legumes in smaller pots as well!

3. Lettuces

Cultivating lettuce is a great way to add flavor and nutrients into your diet.

Lettuces are unique crops because they can be harvested time after time throughout the growing season, even if you start them in spring or summer!

As these veggies grow quickly it’s important for harvesting when weather conditions allow it so that all of them have enough sun exposure before frost sets-in.

If living somewhere with warmer temperatures consider planting winter varieties which require less warmth but still produce well without too much care.

When growing lettuce, choose a wide planter to allow for enough space between plants. Leave about 4 inches of head-space when planting so that they can expand and grow into their full potential without crowding each other out or getting too close together in height wise.

Note: If you want your leafy greens closer together then use shallow pots with good draining soil which needs frequent watering at all times during hot weather conditions.

4. Chilies and peppers

Chilies and peppers are super-productive, excellent ‘candidates’ for growing in pots.

They also look great with a sunny spot that’s warm enough to thrive! If you provide the right soil or potting mix as well as regular watering – these hearty plants will fruit richly when grown properly indoors during winter months.

A large container about 12 inches deep provides optimal conditions if planting more than one type of pepper at once (they don’t always like crowding).

5. Radishes

Radishes are one of the quickest-to-grow veggies, and they’re very suitable for container gardening.

You can grow them in both small pots or wide ones; however if you want larger varieties a 6 inch deep planter is all that’s needed but an 8 – 10 inches tall pot will produce better results with tasty roots!

Note: Allow 3 inches between each plant when growing quantity so your crops don’t get too crowded.

6. Asian greens

Asian greens are great crops to grow in garden pots as they grow pretty fast and, unlike other plants, don’t suck up a lot of sun.

You can place them where there’s plenty of moisture but little daylight (or shade).

In order for your Asian green plantings not only survive but thrive too you’ll need both an abundance fertilizer with organic components like manure or compost along side regular watering from time-to-time!

7. Spinach

The spinach is a versatile plant that can be grown in many different environments. If you want to grow your own private supply of fresh greens, then start with this easy-to-grow crop!

To get started on the right foot simply choose an 8 inch wide pot and make sure they are situated near enough for partial shade (or any other condition).

When planting just make sure not too deep – as shallow pots allow more light nutrients into their roots.

8. Peas

Peas are the perfect crop for container gardening. They don’t require a very large pot and grow quickly without much attention, making them ideal balcony plants as they can be grown outside in warmer climates or on window sills during wintertime!

For best results choose dwarf varieties that have somewhat bushier growth habits so their roots remain dry when necessary.

Note: Some even prefer slightly moist soil conditions – just keep it watched closely to make sure excess water doesn’t drown these enduring little legumes (peas will wilt however if standing under about 1 inch deep).

9. Carrots

Carrots are a versatile and easy-to-grow vegetable that need regular watering to prevent the roots from drying out.

Carrot plants have been known as one of the most productive vegetables on Earth, but their growth is limited by cool temperatures – so if you live in an area where this plant does well (e.g., New England), consider planting some!

10. Tomatoes

Tomatoes, without any doubt, are the most productive fruits you can grow in pots!

They need ample sun (5-6 hours daily as a minimum). The pot size for them depends on what kind of tomatoes we’re going to grow.

Note: In containers growing dwarf varieties is best since they have smaller roots and hence produce less yields per square foot than other kinds do but will give much better use out into your dishes when cooked later down the line

So what’s stopping you? Get growing today with one of these 10 fantastic vegetables!