Did you know that beer is a great solution for several common gardening problems?

Don’t throw away those half-empty bottles of beer after parties, and instead use them as an organic remedy to make your plants grow better.

Here’s how beer can help your garden in ways you could not imagine before.

Slug and Snail Trap

Stale beer is a great way to get rid of pesky garden pests like slugs and snails.

Just fill wide-mouth jars or some deep dishes one-third with leftover brew, bury them up 15 feet from your plants in order for the curious pesky bugs to crawl into it only to find themselves drowning in its refreshing liquid!

Empty these traps daily so you can refill them again.

Bee and Wasp Lure

Is there a worse thing than swatting away bees and wasps while trying to enjoy a meal, or coffee outdoors?

A quick way of preventing the pests from ruining your day is by setting out stale beer in front of where you eat/drink.

The enzymes present within it, will make them go for drink but not be able to escape if they fall into the glass!

Fruit Fly Trap

If you have a compost pile or vermicomposting bin, it is most likely that these nuisances are attracted by the decaying vegetation.

They can quickly go from an outdoor pest and enter your home as indoor residents! To get rid off these pests invest in some stale beer (1/3) with dish detergent dropped into each jar full. Cut the corner of a plastic bag and put it on top of the jar to create a funnel.

Secure the jar with rubber bands and you’ll have a tasty treat for your guests! If fruit flies are attracted to the beer, they’ll fly into it. They won’t be able to escape because of how securely fastened the jar is!

Lawn Food

If you notice a brown spot on your lawn, pour the leftover beer onto it. Pouring 1/2 cup of brew into each square foot will give that area an instant burst of nutrition and vitality!

Beers have fermented sugars which feed grass like never before while also killing fungi or pests who may be causing problems with their growth.

Plant Fertilizer

You can improve your outdoor garden by pouring stale beer into it.

Indoor plants also benefit from the fertilizer, but they need just a little bit so sprinkle on some and be careful not to overdo it or else you may drown them!

If organic gardening is more up your alley then have that in mind as well–your brew will actually help keep those soil nutrients rich since yeast loves taking up all kinds of good stuff like sugar.

Just, don’t forget to water afterwards so that the sugar is distributed evenly into the soil.

Beer Traps are effective against these pests: pill bugs, sow bugs, millipedes, slugs, snails, and other soil-dwelling pests.