Certain foods have the property of helping you lose weight, such as chia seeds. With chia seeds, you can prepare a host of preparations, such as chia water recipes, a satiating drink. And you can also prepare chia water to purify body, reduce fat and eliminate a few extra kilos.

Chia seeds are foods that in recent years have transcended for their nutritional properties. These are very useful for the treatment of overweight and the reduction of health risk.

This drink acts by increasing intestinal peristalsis, reduce anxiety for food, stimulate metabolism and prevent the fats and sugars.

In addition to these benefits, chia seeds provide nutrients that fight other risk factors, such as high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and hyperglycemia.

With the chia seeds, we can prepare many preparations, such as salads, juices, smoothies, bread, etc. In spite of all these meals, you can also prepare a satiating and relaxing drink that can help you to take off a few extra kilos and purify the body.

Chia Water to purify the body and reduce fat
  • 1 liter of water.
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds.
  • Juice of 2 lemons.
  • Sweetener to taste.
  • In a glass of water, soak the chia seeds for an hour (remember to stir occasionally).
  • Place the rest of the water in a jug, add the freshly squeezed lemon juice and the sweetener.
  • Add the already macerated seeds, mix well and store in the refrigerator.
How to drink chia water to obtain its benefits

Before serving this drink stir to mix the seeds well, pour into a glass and drink up to 3 glasses a day.

When to drink it

This drink can take in the early morning at breakfast. Although, you can take advantage of its satiating properties. Drink it 15 minutes before each meal or when you feel hungry.

Take the benefits of chia seeds to lose weight and take care of your cardiovascular health.