Learn in this article how to use tea bags to get rid of mice. Also, you can use peppermint tea bags for spiders.

An infestation with mice and spiders can be gross and may be frightening for some people. These little critters can violate the hygiene as well as comfort inside your home. While some people aren’t scared of them to the higher extents, other people have a tendency to even get fainted with just a glimpse of these animals. We are sharing a simple and effective recipe for you to get rid of these pests without any pest control.

You really need to know that what are the causes of these critters to enter your house in the first place. Rats can enter your house due to some accessible garbage bins, nuts, and fruits from trees in your garden or pet’s outdoor food or water dishes. Whereas, spiders infestations can increase during fall through open or poorly locked doors and windows, or through other gaps and cracks.

These animals can be a source of diseases inside your home. House is meant to be the safest place where you can live tension free but the presence of these animals hampers this fact. Diseases can be passed through their droppings, biting, urine, or their feet. The risk of diseases increases more if the rodents are infected with fleas. In such case, their presence can bring fatal diseases to knock your doorstep.

To remain away from the rodents and spiders, you don’t need to have any scientific tool or other expensive hacks. You just need a peppermint tea bag or even peppermint essential oil. To start doing the control procedure, first start to find out the source of these critters. Like where did they enter from? Where are they living? The rodents are a scavenger, that means they can make their shelters wherever they get space, even the tiniest space. Once you have found out all the holes, cracks, or even other places where they live, follow the tutorial below.

  1. Brew 4-5 tea bags of peppermint tea.
  2. Now put the brewed peppermint tea bags near the places you explored.

That’s it, you are done with the job! Peppermint is long known to be a pest-buster due as its smell deters and irritates mice. For the spider, you can use either a cinnamon essential oil or lemon essential oil or a combination of both.  Fill up a spray bottle with water to the half capacity and add 10-12 drops of these essential oils. If you are using a combination then you may just put 5-6 drops of oil each. Spray the solution onto the areas where you suspect of the spiders living.

In the same way, you can also use peppermint oil instead of peppermint teabag to get rid of mice.  They will leave their home as soon as they get to smell the scent of these essential oils. Not only does this free you from the infestation of these animals but also fragrances your house with a fabulous smell.