If your home contains a patio or a garden, then you are lucky since you can still go out and enjoy the day in a safe spot on your property. However, instead of just sitting outside and doing nothing, you can be more eventful and try creating some fun Spring craft projects which will make your garden or patio more beautiful.

What’s even more exciting about this project is the only materials that you will need are old glassware that you were planning on throwing away.

Everywhere in the world, people are cleaning their houses during the Spring season.

After you’re done with your Spring cleaning, you’ll probably find a lot of stuff that you’re planning on throwing out, especially glassware. Instead, use them to make your garden more wonderful. With only the glassware and super-glue, you can make yourself some cute mushroom decorations and implement them in your garden.

You can use clear or transparent glassware or mix it with different colors. Whatever your taste is, you can do it. This DIY project is really easy and exciting since you can ask your children to help you with them, leaving them a full day or two with something to do.

Spending quality time with your loved ones couldn’t be more exciting, especially in times like these. Here are just some selective photos of how other people have done them so you’ll get an idea. However, you do not have to stick to what someone else did.

Be creative, make these mushrooms the way YOU want to.