Personality tests are one of the most fascinating things ever invented because they always have at least something that’s absolutely just YOU.

So here we have another one for you.

Did you know that you can find out more about your personality just by looking at your toes? Yes, that’s right, your toes.

The shape of your toes reveals a whole lot about you.

Take a look at the test below and let us know if it’s right or not.

Roman Toes

Roman toes are among the most common foot shapes with the big toe being the longest and the rest of the toes gradually get shorter as you go down the line.

People with toes like this usually have friendly personalities and like to be around people. They are good at dealing with difficult people.

Fire Toes

If your second toe is longer than your big toe, while the other toes get gradually smaller, you have fire toes.

People with fire toes are ambitious, creative, and energetic – and they also love to cause mischief and mayhem – even though they will not admit. They’re fun to be around and they always have ideas for the whole group of friends.

Square Toes

If all your five toes are more or less the same length, then you have ‘peasant feet’, or ‘square feet’.

These people are thoughtful and indecisive, but also patient and pragmatic. Their honesty is what makes them ideal for helping to resolve conflicts.

Extra-Small Toes

This shape looks like the Roman foot, except for the fact that the pinky toe is extra tiny.

People like this are mostly open, but can be also secretive about some parts of their personality. People enjoy their company because they always know the right things to say and they’re very cultural.

Wide-set Toes

This is the foot of a traveler. People with wide-set toes can’t help but wander around and constantly crave new adventures and experiences.

And it would be a shame to tie these people down as they’re happier on the go anyway!