The strong smell of apple cider vinegar reminds us of the multiple biologically active compounds it contains, and the powerful antibacterial properties it offers. The regular use of apple cider vinegar provides impressive health benefits, and all you need to do is to soak the feet in it for several minutes daily. Mix warm water and apple cider vinegar in equal amounts and soak the feet for 45 minutes. Then, use a pumice stone to exfoliate the skin on the feet, soften it, and treat calluses. For best effects, add some aromatic herbs, salts, or essential oils to the bath. Afterward, just pat dry the feet using a towel, and apply some moisturizing lotion. Apple cider vinegar is one of Nature’s miracles, with a myriad of medicinal properties. This technique has been used for thousands of years and is much more beneficial than any other foot soak. Our bodies are constantly lacking oxygen, and germs and bacteria most often accumulate on the feet, leading to dry skin, infections, roughness, and other issues. The apple cider vinegar soak will disinfect the feet, destroys any microbes, fungi, and bacteria, and fight the bad odor. Moreover, it will also improve the quality of your sleep and relax your body.

Here are the main health benefits of this foot soak:

— It detoxifies the body- This beneficial food soak will remove any toxins from the body, strengthen the immune system, and prevent various diseases and health conditions — It exfoliates your feet- Apple cider vinegar will remove dead skin cells and soften the skin, supporting the formation of newer, healthier skin cells — It treats toenail fungus— The apple cider vinegar is an excellent natural remedy for fungal infections, and accelerating their healing process — It deodorizes the feet- Apple cider vinegar will neutralize the bad smell, freshen them up, and eliminate any bacteria lingering on the feet Moreover, this foot soak will help you:
  • Relieve sore feet muscles
  • Treat calluses
  • Soothe a bee sting
  • Eliminate corns and warts
  • Fade age and liver spots
  • Treat cracked skin on the heels
  • Fight Athlete’s foot
  • Soothe pain from minor sunburns