We all have a certain period in our life that can be considered as the perfect age to get married. So, 22, 25, 28, or 30? At what age do you think one should get married? We’re sure that each one of you reading this will have your own opinion about this. But, especially in our country where “marriageable age” is something that is as legitimate as our chronological age, you are labeled as too old for holy matrimony once you’re past that said age. And clearly, the rules of age are more applicable to women than men, and the reason to this are obvious.

In the marriage market, it doesn’t matter that a young, pretty woman is at a very good stage in her career. What matters is that she has reached the peak in terms of her fecundity, then and only then, she has some value.

Does it sound ridiculous to you? It has to, but it’s the darn truth. It almost feels like women are raised by their parents only for the purpose of becoming someone’s spouse later on in life.

We can’t always blame the society here. It also has to do with the mindset we’ve coded into our oh-so-functional brains, the mindset of “before I turn 30.” We all plan our life thinking that we will have the most efficient job, salary, house, and of course, a perfect marriage too. And when the deadlines that we’ve set for ourselves to achieve those goals begins to loom, we start to panic. And when we come across wedding invitations in our emails or see pictures of newly-weds on social media, we obviously panic all the more. Then, we desperately experience what’s known as the wedding rush in our lives.

We’re asking you to not get bogged down by the age-number game here. You will find thousands of articles and researches out there that will tell you at what age should you be getting married or settled. But, people, marriage and love aren’t based on science, you see. Here’s why you shouldn’t clutter your brain with thoughts about getting married at a certain age.

On A Financial Note, Later Is Definitely Better

Here, women stand to benefit more if they marry late. This is because later they will be more financially stable in their life, and that too on their own. Therefore, they won’t have to say “yes” to their husbands all the time, just to maintain peace and harmony in their marriage. And most importantly, they won’t have to ask their husbands to buy them things.

So, the next time you hear your aunts, uncles, and not-so-close relatives lecture you about how marrying at a young age helps you adjust with your partner easily, tell them that they are wrong. Show them the other side of the coin and make them correct their false assumptions regarding marriage and age. Even studies have proved that marrying later results in everlasting happiness 

Consider Your Life And Its Events

For some, life can be about making a career first, for some marriage is a way to get more freedom in life, for some it’s always been about having a husband take care of them and them taking care of the kids — every single person has his/her own way of looking at things in life. Or let’s put it this way, everybody’s priorities are different.

Agreed, that your priorities are yours alone. But we just want to emphasize just one thing —marriage should be something that improves your life, it should never be about giving in to societal expectations and that too at an age when you aren’t ready for it.

Ultimately, Shouldn’t Marriage Be About The One Too?

Finally, let’s talk about the big elephant in the room now, about the fact that your marriage should happen only, and only if you have that special someone, the one, in your life. Forget about everything else, all of it can be managed, marrying the right person should be your topmost priority. And if you haven’t found the one yet, why are you even racking your brain over the statistics and algorithms of marriage. The last thing you want is to marry the wrong person and contribute to the increasing divorce rates of your country, right?

Marriage should be about starting a new chapter in your life with the right person. It shouldn’t be that you are starting that phase with someone you just stumbled upon, at a time when you were feeling vulnerable about your ticking biological clock.

No arbitrary number can tell you when it’s the “right” time to tie a knot. Life can be beautiful even if you marry at the age of 41. So, live your life to the fullest. When you find yourself ready for it (marriage) and have the right person by your side, get hitched. Until then, stay happy, be merry by being you!