Do you want to sleep? Do you have your favorite sleeping position? Maybe you are a “sleeping beauty”, but did you know that the sleeping position can reveal how it influences your health?

These usual positions are uncovering their secrets:

On The Side

This position is good for you because it keeps the natural position of your back. With this position you will not have problems with your neck and head, but the negative side is getting wrinkles on your face, and pulling your chest down.

It can also make a pressure on the shoulders and having a hard protection to support your neck is a great solution for the problem.

Pregnant women adore this position, because sleeping on the left side provides better circulation for the fetus.

Fetus position

Fetus position means that your knees are raised up, and that tells us that you are very pleasant while you sleep. But you will feel neck and back pains, so you need to do something to avoid that. Along with the problems I mentioned before, you will have difficulties with breathing on diaphragm.

For those who snore and also for pregnant women this is the recommended position.

On The Back

Sleeping on your back can be useful because it releases your face from pressure and it stops wrinkles to make, but only if you use the right pillow. If your hands are above your head throughout the whole night, it will cause pain in the shoulders. And trust me it is not pleasant feeling at all. Try to use a pillow that will fit with your head and neck.

On stomach

The best sleeping position that is good for the digestive system. Even if it’s good position for sleeping it can also cause back and neck pain by making a huge pressure on them.

Using thinner pillow is one of the options for this position, and I can assure you that you don’t have to use it at all.

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