One of the things that help make spider plants so popular is that they are so low maintenance.

Yet, you can do a few things to give your plant everything it needs to reduce and prevent brown tips on spider plants.

1. Consistent Watering Based On The Plant’s Condition

Ideally, you should only water a spider plant when the potting medium is mostly dry. It helps to feel the soil before watering to make sure that you aren’t overwatering it.

Pay attention to the plant’s needs and conditions. The last thing you want to do is overwater it and affect the health of the roots.

2. Be Mindful Of The Sunlight

Out in nature, spider plants prefer to grow in partial to full shade areas. When you bring them indoors, they don’t want direct sunlight. However, they do need some degree of indirect light to carry out photosynthesis.

It’s best not to fall in love with one single spot. You might have to move the spider plant two or three times to find the ideal light level that it prefers.

You might even need to move it from one season to the next, depending on the amount of natural light coming into your home.

If possible, you might want to prioritize a location that has an eastern exposure. Many plants prefer morning light, which also helps warm them up after a cool night. Then shade in the afternoon protects them from heat stress.

3. Alter Your Fertilizing Schedule

Spider plants don’t need a lot of fertilizer—a light dose of a foliage-based fertilizer every two to three months. If you do happen to over-fertilize, then you might need to flush the soil.

4. Use Fluoride-Free Water On Your Spider Plants

If you have municipal water, then it most likely has fluoride in it. Your local water board or city council can give you more information on the fluoride content.

If possible, you might want to source fluoride-free spring water or distilled water and keep that jug tucked away just for watering the spider plant.

By following these basic requirements and keeping an eye out for potential problems, your spider plant should continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.