Most people have moles. This is the result of having too much melanocytes on the skin. If in case you are not familiar with what melanocytes are, this is in charge of melanin which gives the skin color. There are times when people do not mind their moles or they are quite happy with the moles that they have but there are also some who would like to get rid of moles on their face because of the way that they look.

For some people, it is important to get rid of their moles because they might be cancerous. Usually, cancerous moles have a certain look and they tend to change in shape, color and in size. It will be wise to seek the advice of the doctor if you suspect that your mole may be cancerous. If in case your mole is regular yet you would like to get rid of it, do not undergo mole removal surgeries and treatments just yet. Why not try doing some home remedies to get rid of your moles first? You may never know, these methods may actually work.

Get Rid of Moles on Skin


  1. Garlic

When it comes to a natural home remedy for mole removal, garlic is always one of the first things that would have to be placed on the list. It contains natural enzymes that can be in charge of breaking down the pigments that might be causing moles to form. If used on moles that are flat, this can lighten the dark pigmentation immediately. It can work fast so people usually choose this method.

  • Get one garlic clove and mash it until it turns into paste.
  • Protect the area around the mole with oil or petroleum jelly because garlic has the tendency to burn the skin.
  • Place the garlic on the mole and leave it on overnight.
  • Do this for about five days until the mole falls off.
  1. Iodine

If you think that garlic is too strong for you or you cannot stand the smell of garlic, the best thing that you can do is get iodine. Iodine is safe to use even if you have sensitive skin.

  • Dip a q tip into iodine and place it directly on the mole.
  • Do this about three times every day for a few days.
  • After some time, you will notice that there is a change with the mole’s appearance.
  • Wait a few more days and continue doing the process until the mall falls off.
  1. Castor Oil

Castor Oil

While it is likely that you despise castor oil when you need to ingest it, castor oil can be very helpful when you just need to place it on your skin. It can be very effective in getting rid of “skin abnormalities” such as moles, skin tags and even warts. While this will not leave scars like other home remedies, it can take months before the mole finally falls off or disappears.

  • Mix castor oil and a little amount of baking soda until you make a paste.
  • Place the paste on the surface of the mole.
  • Leave the paste on the mole for a few hours.
  • The paste will dry after a few hours.
  • This can be done about twice every day.
  1. Pineapple

Pineapple is made out of a lot of enzymes that may break down the outer layers of the moles when used. This can be mixed with sea salt in order to double its effect and effectively break down the pigments causing the mole to stick together.

  • Mix together pineapple juice and a generous amount of sea salt.
  • Make sure that the sea salt is still a bit course when used on the skin.
  • The mixture can then be placed over the mall. Leave the mixture on for a few hours. You may also choose to leave it overnight.
  1. Onion Juice

Onion Juice

The main reason why onion juice can be very effective in getting rid of moles is because it is acidic. It can get rid of the various layers of the moles that might be protruding from the skin. Aside from getting rid of moles, onion juice can also even out people’s skin tone.

  • Get fresh onion juice and apply it on the mole using a q tip.
  • Leave on the skin for about half an hour then wash off with clean water.
  • Do this remedy about three times every day in a span of a month.