Pineapple peel water provides great benefits to the body, know what they are and how to prepare it. It will help you lose weight if you take it on an empty stomach

The pineapple is considered an exotic and refreshing fruit that brings health benefits too. Due to its composition, this tropical fruit contains vitamins A, C, B6, E, in addition to calcium, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, among other minerals, and 86 percent is made up of water.

When consuming pineapple, the peel and core are removed to just enjoy the yellow part of the fruit. However, each part of the fruit contains properties that benefit health. It is commonly consumed in salads, juices, and water as it improves the health of the body; and the shell is usually disposed of normally.

Although the pineapple peel also has great properties, so in the Menu, we tell you what its main ones are and why taking it in water on an empty stomach is good. 

The pineapple rind contains fiber, magnesium, and bromelain, components that help with health problems. 

Works as an anti-inflammatory

According to the health and nutrition portal, Tua Súade, the main property of pineapple peel is bromelain; This substance reduces swelling and inflammation by eliminating toxins in the body. Taking it in water and on an empty stomach will benefit the stomach because it will better absorb the nutrients and take advantage of all its properties.

Improves digestion 

Another of the benefits offered to take water from pineapple peel fasting is improving digestive health because their properties help digest animal protein, which is heavy. It also reduces the production of gases. Likewise, the Tua Saúde portal highlights its laxative property, since the combination of water and fiber improves gastrointestinal mobility, avoiding constipation. 

Acts as a diuretic 

The pineapple shell contains various minerals that help eliminate toxins. When combined with water on an empty stomach, it acts as a natural diuretic and will also cleanse your kidneys. 

Strengthens the bone system

Another benefit that pineapple peel water provides is that it strengthens the bone system since this part of the fruit has a high content of manganese. According to the medical encyclopedia, MedlinePlus, this mineral protects and improves the health and quality of bones. 

Facilitates weight loss

According to the health site, Best healthy, the water of pineapple shell facilitates weight loss because itself the fruit has a content low in calories, with 100 grams of this organism will get about 70 calories and high in fiber. Also considering its purifying and diuretic properties. 

Control cholesterol levels

Taking water from pineapple shell reduces levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), which is required to have already benefiting controlled blood circulation to avoid infarction or development of cardiovascular diseases.

How to prepare water for pineapple shells?


– Pineapple peel
– 5 liter of water
– 1 cinnamon stick


1. You must peel the pineapple and remove the peel, it has to be washed very well. 

2. Place the peel, the cinnamon stick, and the liter of water in a pot. 

3. Boil for half an hour. 

4. Let the preparation rest and then strain. 

5. Allow cooling to serve and drink. It is important not to add sweeteners to see results. 

A glass (approximately 250 ml) should be taken on an empty stomach.