Learn about the 7 amazing milk uses in the garden that will amaze you.

1. Milk acts as a fertilizer

Milk contains calcium which strengthens the structure of the plant, and protect the plants too. The sugars in milk also help yield healthier crops.

2. Milk can disinfect

When you apply milk in areas that receive direct sunlight, the milk acts as antiseptic. Dip your garden pruners in milk in order to disinfect them instead of using bleach. (It might smell bad, but don’t worry, it will help)

3. Milk can prevent fungus

Apply watered-down milk to the surface of your plants in order to fight fungus disease. Combine 1 part of milk to 2-3 parts of water, and spray this on the leaves of the plants every 10 days.

4. Milk improves the health of your soil

Using milk in your soil or compost pile can make the soil healthier because it absorbs the fats and vitamins from the milk. Some gardeners pour powdered milk directly into the soil, but you can also do a watered-down mixture, which should help keep funky smells away.

5. Protect your tomatoes

If you want to protect your tomatoes from rot and disease, mix 1 part skim milk with 9 parts of water. Spray this on your plants every few weeks to keep diseases away from your tomatoes.

6. Milk can deter some insects

If you apply it properly, cows milk will deter bugs including aphids, thrips, and mites. Use whole milk t maximize on this perk though.

7. Milk and Molasses

You can amp the power of milk by mixing in molasses. Milk and molasses will amp up the needed sugars and this combination will keep weeds away because this combination will make soil conditions unfavorable for weed seeds.