Baking soda is said to be one of the most beneficial and healthiest ingredients, providing many health benefits, using it for baking, cakes, making bread even cosmetics.

But, not many people know that they can use baking soda to lose extra pounds. It is very effective in decreasing the excess of fat from the body without side-effects.

In this article you can find a recipe that will help you lose extra pounds, fats and can help you boost your health.

Known for its alkalizing properties, the baking soda enables the body for absorbing the healthy nutrients from the food. It is also known that the alkaline environment is much better than the acidic environment.

Other than gastrointestinal problems, you can use baking soda for:

  1. – Reducing inflammation
  2. – Balancing the pH and helping healing
  3. – Boosting energy and performance
  4. – Relieving the urinary infection symptoms
  5. – Its anti-acidic properties

Recipe for losing fat

  • The procedure is very simple – put all the ingredients in a blender, mix it and it is ready.

You will need:

  1. –  Half teaspoon of bаking soda
  2. – 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  3. – 1 glass of mineral water

It is best to use it every morning, on an empty stomach after waking up. There is no limit on how long you can drink it.

This recipe provides many beneficial effects, but the most important is that bаking soda can help you fight a lot illnesses and diseases.